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I know that courses, workshop, and classes are all the rage in the world of photography and filmmaking - and rightly so. As commercial photography becomes more competitive, everyone is looking for the next thing that’s going to keep them in the game. People will jump at the next preset or higher megapixel camera, but seldom do people make a legitimate investment in the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of seasoned teachers and mentors, Education and experience are key to taking your work to the next level. Whether you’ve learned predominantly through trail and error, trail by fire, have a degree in commercial or fine art photography, or have slowly eased your way into this creative industry, I believe I have something unique to offer at an affordable price.

As a public school teacher for 8 years on top of my career in photography, I understand that just because someone is good at something doesn’t mean they know how to teach it to others. I have both the technical knowledge and real world experience coupled with effective teaching and learning strategies that will equip you with not only practical skills that will advance you in your photography, but leave you motivated and understanding that the true value of photography is the meaning and value it adds to your life! That’s just one reason I know that this class will be of way more value to you than the cost of registration.

Attendees will walk away from this workshop equipped and encouraged with tools, techniques, relationships and an energized creative spirit that will launch them into the next level of their creative calling.

Whether you’ve already made a career as a photographer, have been side-hustling for years, or just purchased your first camera, this class is for you. Each person’s experiences, dreams, and vision for their creative life bring substance and value to this day.

For more information about topics you can expect to cover during this workshop visit the ‘register here’ links above.

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