If you're here on accident, welcome. If you're here on purpose, I hope you find what you're looking for. I'm from a place called Greenville, about 50 miles east of Dallas, Texas. The best way to get familiar, is to get together for coffee. If that's not reasonable, you're welcome to peek into my life as a father and husband through twitter ( @tylertyndell ) & instagram (@tylertyndellphoto). 

I don't have any fancy statement prepared that makes me seem like the All-American, golden boy or any catchy sight words like "natural light photographer" and "visual story teller". Everything I need to say about my work can be seen for yourself in these pages, and read about here.

See, I'm very much interested in working with couples who identify with the types of images they find here. It's not expected that any photographer should be the choice for any couple who strolls across a web page. There's more to it than that. I encourage you to do your homework and look around before deciding on your wedding photographer, even if that means that I don't get to shoot your wedding. I'm comfortable saying that because I believe that your trust and compatibility with your photographer is greater than the desire of me getting the job. This isn't about booking more clients for me; It's actually about booking less. It's about adding meaning to your relationship with your fiancé, through the experience of working with me over months from the engagement shoot to the wedding day.

Don't be off put by the heaviness of all that. Beyond a doubt, I aim to make every experience with me enjoyable. From shooting bridals in the crazy Texas weather or having your kids involved in your engagement session, I understand family and the need to be yourself with a camera in your face. 

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to be checking my email in a bit with a message from you...even if its just about grabbing a cup of coffee ;)