once again, always go back.

I've said it so many times, especially lately. There is great value, in following the impulse to go back or investigate a scene for what it might hold. I drove to Paris this morning to pick up a camera. As I was leaving town, I noticed in my rearview mirror, white plumes of steam bellowing and disappearing into the white washed winter sky. I was already several miles outside of town, but decided to turn around and go back. several U-turns later, I was parked across the highway from a power plant and what appeared to be a cooling until. The cooling unit was creating massive steam clouds. The appearance of the landscape surrounding the power plant made me feel like I was in another world. Of course, I took a few shots with the mk iii, but they just didn't capture the feeling of the scene like the iPhone & VSCOcam did. This was processed with VSCOcam P5 preset. 

- Always go back.