Micah + Morgan // Proposal

Not that 99% of proposals are aren't surprises, but Micah did it right! Together with The Yes Girls' planner Elie, the proposal went off without a hitch. I was concealed in some bushes waiting for Micah and Morgan to walk by to provide some truly candid moments with the 70-200mm. I was honored to be able to capture this moment for them to have to look back on for the rest of their lives. These shoots are exhilarating. Being responsible for capture a fleeting moment like this with accuracy is a rush. When I went to change lenses before taking a few portraits of the couple after the proposal, my hands were shaking just as much as Micah's!  If you are looking to surprise your future wife/husband with a special proposal whether it be simple & laid back or extravagant, you can contact The Yes Girls at their website www.theyesgirls.com or connect on twitter @yesgirlsevents


5D mk III Wedding Image Example

 This was my first wedding shooting with the Canon 5D mk III, and I have to say, that it really made a difference in image quality. In my year of shooting weddings with the mk II, I never got a docu shot this clear in such low light. This was taken at iso 3200 24mm f/2.8 at 1/50 sec.  The dynamic range, life like color and quickness with which the camera responded allowed this moment to live on in all of its importance.


Seeing Beyond What You Can See...After You Shoot

Recently I've been become delightfully aware of a concept that I believe already existed, but hadn't discovered until now and hadn't been taught by anyone or YouTube. The idea is to take an image from a session and only use a portion of the original image to achieve a perspective that is uniquely different from anything that you had in mind when shooting the original image. In this particular example the top image (after) achieves a more cinematic portrait that concentrates on the details of the sunglasses and expression. This isolation and intensity wasn't captured by the original image (bottom). The top image will now acts as an anchor in the presentation and completely upgrades the visual dynamics of the full set considerably.

Heres to seeing beyond what you can see.

16x10 crop and edited

16x10 crop and edited

4x6 unedited original file

4x6 unedited original file

once again, always go back.

I've said it so many times, especially lately. There is great value, in following the impulse to go back or investigate a scene for what it might hold. I drove to Paris this morning to pick up a camera. As I was leaving town, I noticed in my rearview mirror, white plumes of steam bellowing and disappearing into the white washed winter sky. I was already several miles outside of town, but decided to turn around and go back. several U-turns later, I was parked across the highway from a power plant and what appeared to be a cooling until. The cooling unit was creating massive steam clouds. The appearance of the landscape surrounding the power plant made me feel like I was in another world. Of course, I took a few shots with the mk iii, but they just didn't capture the feeling of the scene like the iPhone & VSCOcam did. This was processed with VSCOcam P5 preset. 

- Always go back.