Savannah & Chance - Texas Ranch Wedding

Savannah & Chance have been patiently waiting for this set of images. Every time I go through the process of publishing a set of images from a wedding day, I grow as a photographer. Presentation is part of the process for me, so skillful and sound presentation aides me in the art of story telling. I've been pushing myself to maintain that #lessismore when telling the wedding day story on the journal. The integrity of the idea lies in the attempt to not water down the presentation just because an image is pretty, but to remain true to the sequence and authenticity of these moments as they occurred. In a way, it helps make it less about me and more about the couple. Special thanks to my second shooter Bailey Sondag, and the best of everything to Savannah and Chance as you make this journey together. Never give up. 

abbottedit 210.jpg