My Beautiful Wife

If you have any connection to me at all, you know we are expecting our second little girl in June. If you know me, you also know Maci isn't particularly fond of having her picture taken for whatever reason. It's been a point of playful contention since we dated. You can imagine how excited I was to know that she was actually looking forward to me taking her pictures and this is, in fact the very first and only "photo shoot" that I've ever done with her. It all went so well I'm holding out, hoping that she'll be more open to it in the future :) Backstory aside, I am so proud of her and the amazing woman that I've been able to see her grow into in our 4 years of marriage. When I look at these photos I feel exactly like I do in my day to day. I look at her and there is something reserved. I feel like there is just something about her I haven't figured out yet after all this time. I've always felt that way. I know she's human but I swear sometimes it's like she has a disposition that I've never seen in another person. It's fascinating and confusing and beautiful all at the same time. I'm drawn to it, and I hope I always feel that way. I don't mind it - that mysterious stare. The reserved, modest elegance. I know she has to know she's beautiful but she'd never say I herself.

As a portrait photographer, it is the goal to represent the subject for who they are. To tell the story of a personality through a photograph. I feel like I have achieved that goal here. I look at these images and I see Maci exactly the way I see her every day. She's this beautiful to me every single day. Without the makeup and the fancy clothes and pretty shoes. Without the greenery and golden light. It's her eyes and her lips and the way she plays with Pyper. It's how she is so proud to be a mom. It's the way she insists that I not take her picture but she lets me anyway, because she knows it's important to me.