William Thompson

It's taken me a few days to get my thoughts in line about what I wanted to say about this shoot. A little back story is helpful in understanding the magnitude of what this opportunity meant to me. As I often say, I feel like there are occasions when the opportunity to photograph means just as much to me as the occasion does for the ones I'm photographing. Joel and I grew up together, and while I can't speak for Joel, Ive always felt a unique connection to him because we both shared an experience together as kids. We both had parents pass away at a very young age. While we were always friends and ran in some of the same circles, it always kind of went without saying that I had a particular sense of empathy and compassion for Joel. As life would have it, our lives went in different directions and basically lost touch. I contacted Joel before I got married and had a few conversations with him throughout college on Facebook. It was always reassuring for me that he made the effort to stay connected. 

When Joel contacted me months ago to start planning a session upon Williams arrival, I felt that I wanted to make the very most of this opportunity;  the opportunity to give the deepest meaning  to the chance I'd have to bring a journey of friendship full circle. Being a father, I only know the love I have for my own daughter and I tried to develop that sincere understanding of the special bond between Joel, Molly and their new son. I wanted to photograph them like I would want to be photographed. To tell of the same magnitude of the responsibility of what it means to be a father or a mother. To once again draw on a friendship thats connected by a mutual bond. This time it would be parenthood.

I chose to include detail images of their home, because I imagine that it might be meaningful someday for William to see the house he was born into. These things are important in telling the story of who he is and who his family is.

I'm left with reminiscent thoughts of my own childhood and grasping for memories and trying to understand the true importance of what it means to be friends and how these meaningful opportunities come my way.

To Joel and Molly - Thank you for inviting me into your home to capture, perhaps, the single happiest, challenging and rewarding experience you'll ever have. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a small part of that, so that someday William can see the unique role that his dad played in my life.


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