Brad + Karley \\ engaged

Brad is more of a brother than a friend. He played a very important role in my life when he took me under his wing as "the new kid," when I moved high schools my sophomore year. I was never able to repay Brad for all the gas money I owed him (he never asked for a penny) for driving me around, seein as I never really had a car. Luckily, we've managed to stay within reach since high school. Brad was the best man at my wedding, and he was there the day Pyper was born. When I think of the phrase 'an old friend'  Brad comes to mind. It takes a while for someone to become an old friend, and never too long goes by without a song or a memory popping up that reminds me of our days spent feeling like we owned Paris, Texas. Now the years gone by and Brad's done well for himself and I can't think of a better situation to make meaningful images than photographing engagements for an old friend. Brad & Karley are getting hitched in May and I'll actually be a groomsman in the wedding + shooting the wedding.  No doubt that'll be an interesting day, but worth the memories and every bit of extra planning! I'm so proud to see brad so happy and know there couldn't be a better man to give his life to Karley to make her happy.

Thanks for being a true & lasting friend Brad.

bradweb 18849.jpg