Kim + Chris // engaged

I don't write things about every shoot I do, and when I do I don't do it because I feel obligated to say something. I've always been clear about how I feel in regards to doing things just because the wedding industry said it was popular.

Taking people's pictures is unfathomably rewarding. I've spoken several times about the value that it brings to my life and how it keep me connected to people that might have otherwise come and gone.

Chris and I are fraternity brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha. I had the unique opportunity of spending the best years of college with this guy, and Kim as well. Since graduating back in 2010, I've only got to see them a handful of times, and never for very long. That being said, the entire drive home from this shoot I thought about the longevity of our friendship, and how it felt like we had never missed a beat. How often do you get the chance to really know a couple like I do Chris and Kim?  I've seen these two grow together, and watched Chris in particular achieve and grow into the man you see in these images. It's pretty special to me. It all comes full circle.

Phi Phi


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