Jalie + Tyler | engaged

One of the overarching joys of photography for me, is that it acts as a gauge for me in seeing my life change and develop. That gauge usually comes in the form of looking back at photographs I've taken and getting to see how my work has become more of what I'd like it to be. Thankfully, that part of the journey will never be complete. In this case however, it is seeing how a mere acquaintance one day can turn into a working relationship and friendship over time. I reached out to tyler some months ago and he modeled for a set of images I had planned.

Since then, I've followed Tyler on his journey of establishing his ministry here in our hometown and across North Texas (wearerelentless.org). Between some of the sets of this shoot, we got to dig a little deeper into some spiritual conversation about developing as a person and how we are able to minister to different groups of people just because of what we do. We discussed how we can influence the world around us through our daily lives and skill trades. While Tyler ministers directly, it was refreshing to see the appreciation of ministry through meaningful relationships built through working in photography. One thing we both agreed on, is that it just takes time to become who you want to be in the world, no matter the area you chose to develop your life in.

Here's to Jalie & Tyler's journey, and here's to all of you becoming the people you want to be in this life.




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